Elevating Coffee experience

Why do we call ourselves a CONCEPT CAFÉ?

The Café is a thought experiment – combining the sensory and the physical to bring you a brand-new Coffee experience. 
From organic design that flows seamlessly, symbiotic coffee-food pairing options, the use of premium ingredients, to sourcing coffees from small and medium farms all across India and emphasizing the uniqueness of each through manual brewing methods – the cafe aims to simplify your café-coffee experience while expanding your perspective. 

A Wide Range of Coffees from Across India

The Art of Blending & Flavor science

The Concept Café will bring a variety of coffees from different regions across India and curate them through flavor science, to bring out the best of each bean. The café makes it accessible for you to experience these Indian coffees on a Global scale. 

Coffee Pairing

The café makes it incredibly simple to combine food with any beverage, with a focus on cultivating intentionality and mindfulness around coffee and food complements. The design enables you to find your coffee match easily and to choose a food accompaniment in the least possible time.

We want to simplify coffee for everyone while keeping the café experience premium.

Artisanal baking

At our cafe, our aim is to make you a mindful consumer. We want to highlight ingredients, flavours, textures, while moving towards healthier and lighter pastries, while still being as tasty. 

We want you to start paying attention, to textures of airy mousses, creamy ganaches, crunchy pastries, and understand how the Flavors of coffee, can be enhanced with the food you’re eating. Our kitchen uses only fresh, natural, and premium, preservative-free ingredients. 

We have made a conscious decision to stick to the best, whether that means using Italian lemons or Columbian Chocolate. At the same time, we believe the bounty of ingredients in India has its own beauty, and we will progressively find ways to incorporate more sustainability and source responsibly.

For a holistic sensory experience, the visual component is just as vital as the flavour

Design thinking

From front to backstage, the café is committed to simplifying and elevating the coffee experience, with a strong emphasis on the aesthetics and ergonomics of serving coffee. The design makes it easy to find your coffee match and food accompaniment – with a sensory experience accompanying the entire journey via ambient interiors and acoustics.

We believe that small details have a big impact – the brew bar is at waist level with a clear view of the brewing process, there are dedicated zones for tailored experiences, and a curated coffee playlist to enhance your coffee experience.

Home to the first Modbar Pour Over system in India

Education & Academy 

Our development into the concept cafe will always be plugged in to the outreach program that we perform in all coffee-growing regions in India, from FPOs and directly to the farmers. The Academy, which will provide both short-term and long-term courses and seminars, will be a crucial component of the Concept Café. 


3165, 60 feet, 12th Cross Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038