Coffee & Social value investing

Coffee industry’s challenges are too great and too complex for any one organisation or government to address on its own. But solutions to these challenges do exist and will be found through new partnerships bringing together the public, private, and philanthropic sectors. HumbleBean Coffee brings forth a collective experience of over 65 years in the business of coffee production, quality analysis and trading with domestic and international buyers.

The traditional supply chain is a complex system involving multiple entities, often leading to a lack of transparency in pricing, sustainable practices & unestablished communication channels between the consumer and the farmer. For every 250/- that you spend on a cup of coffee, the farmer earns as low as 1 paise! Moreover, Small & Medium Farmers across India produce great coffee, but are often overlooked for their more premium Speciality coffee counterparts.

We hope to change that narrative. HumbleBean brings in fair pricing for both the consumer and the farmer by taking care of Transport, Processing, Exporting, & Roasting, as a single entity, thereby reducing overall costs significantly. By ensuring that collection, processing & Roasting takes place near the Place of Produce, the Carbon footprint of coffee, is tremendously reduced. We also serve to establish a more direct channel between You, the consumer, and the Farmer, consistently gathering inputs to innovate on farming techniques and flavour science, to bring you a delicious and fairly priced cup of coffee.

Looking forward to a great coffee journey, together.