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Rethink Robusta: The Global Landscape

Given there are several hundred species of coffee, Robusta has managed to be the second most popular coffee next to Arabica. There are more than 120 Species of coffee but only two of them have commercial importance namely

Taking the Purist Route

Natural processed coffee seems to be the future since most of us were born into a world where washed coffee was already very popular. When the consumer is accustomed to consuming mostly washed coffee, it is but natural to look for something different and more exciting.

Shade Grown & Carbon Sequestration

Sustainable farming is a holistic approach to agriculture that ensures environmental, ecological, economic, social, health and legal boundaries are protected and strengthened.

Decoding the Coffee Wave

Just like consumption of coffee is explained in waves, processing of coffee at the farm can also be categorized in waves. Obviously, the first wave refers to the process used when humans first started consuming coffee. One need not guess that this process was the natural process. After the industrial revolution, production went up to meet growing demand and we needed a way to make larger volumes of more consistent product.

Farmer Power

It is generally agreed that 60% of the cup profile of your coffee is attributed to the green bean, 20% to roasting techniques and equipment, 10% to brewing and 10% to water chemistry. There are exceptional insights and studies on the latter 40% when a cup of coffee is sold to the consumer, but hardly any real understanding of the former 60%, except for advertising blurbs copy-written by people who haven’t visited a coffee farm.